When is a burrito not a burrito?

I wasn’t planning on posting anything today as a) I have college work to do, b) my food concoctions for the day consist of making an ‘empty the fridge to make room for the new vegbox delivery’ stew and c) I don’t want all of my posts to be food related. However, an important (read: philosophical) question has been raised over the lunchtime catch-up between me and Mr. L.

Mr. L: Thought I’d have the burrito at lunchtime… Turned out it was Chinese… In a burrito!?!

Me: Surely it would then be a pancake?

Mr. L: It was a burrito.

So what exactly constitutes a burrito? Does it matter that the filling is in no-way related to any Latin American country? Is it the flour tortilla wrap that defines a burrito as being a burrito? Or is it simply because it said the word ‘burrito’ on the menu?

Discuss. I look forward to reading your thoughts on the subject.


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